As far back as I can remember, I have loved books … all kinds of books.  One of my early favorites, which is in my collection today, is The Tasha Tudor Book of Fairy Tales.  Even before I could read, I enjoyed paging through this book and marveling at the illustrations.  My sisters also started the Nancy Drew collection that was passed on to me, and then on to my daughter.  These books sparked my love of mysteries and adventure, although I grew to love other genres and authors as well.

Why my intense love of books and reading?  I grew up on a small island and our little public library was a haven and a place of wonder for me.   I loved going there, especially on rainy days.  Without ever leaving the island, I was able to pick up a book and be transported to any location in the world.  I could see and do things in books that I was unable to see or do in real life.  I was also EXTREMELY shy and very socially awkward.  But I was never shy around books and I was my most confident self when I had a book in my hand.  I probably should not admit this in such a public forum, but I still have dreams about my little library.  The love I had for that library made me want to work in a library as an adult.

Many years ago, my husband challenged me to write a book of my own.  Although I have written (or, more accurately, “put together”) books for my family detailing family history and my father’s time in the Army during World War II, I never really had the desire to write my own novel.  Ok, so my husband couldn’t get me to write a book.  He then suggested I write book reviews.  I thought, “Yes! I can do that!”  He set me up with my own website.  I began to write about what I was reading.  And then ran into a stumbling block.  While I will gladly share my opinions about books that I love, I could not publicly write about books that I didn’t.  After all, if I thought I could do better, shouldn’t I be writing my own books?  As you may have guessed, nothing became of that website. My Facebook page can attest to the fact that books and reading are a huge part of my life.   So much so that friends and family have started tagging me on different books or reading-related items.  It was a tag I recently received that finally put ideas into my head.  I clicked on the item and found myself researching (another love of mine!) and planning trips and … wait a second!  That’s what I can do!  I can talk about all thing’s books … anything/anywhere related to books!  And thus, The Book Adventurer was born!

The Book Adventurer